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RIP Penny Marshall

Penny’s second career was a delightful surprise. Through the Seventies she was a minor character on The Odd Couple and Happy Days until she got a chance to star in Laverne & Shirley. My brother loved that show when he was a kid, I … Continue reading

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RIP Evelyn Berezin

Of all the people I’m writing about lately, Evelyn has had the greatest and most lasting impression or effect on me. She is credited with inventing Word Processing! Unless you didn’t know, my father got into Data Processing (an offshoot … Continue reading

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RIP Pete Shelley

Pete came to my attention as a solo artist when I was in high school and MTV primarily showed music videos. Everyone at school was mocking his single “Homo Sapien,” because his voice lent itself to the insults hormone-filled boys … Continue reading

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RIP Steve Hillenburg

It’s a shame he passed away at a relatively early age but his main creation, Spongebob Squarepants, have given children and adults alike joy. Before Spongebob, Steve got his start with Nickelodeon’s second wave of original cartoons through Rocko’s Modern Life. … Continue reading

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RIP William Goldman

William’s name may only come up easily for film buffs but to the rest of us, he’s the author behind the novel and screenplay The Princess Bride. The movie tanked when it was released 31 years ago but thanks to the … Continue reading

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RIP Stan Lee

I would be super negligent if I didn’t write about Stan “The Man” Lee. He was a huge part of my childhood. Every day in Macomb, IL, rushing home to catch the Spider-Man cartoon on channel 44 (Chicago) and if I … Continue reading

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RIP Joachim Rönneberg

This incredibly brave man passed away back in October and what he achieved should be celebrated by both the US and Russia. During WWII, Rönneberg led his Norwegian freedom fighters to destroy a Nazi heavy water facility. Without this rare … Continue reading

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Finally, something new after several weeks

The last thing I posted was Somara’s return from her vacation abroad (Netherlands, Qatar). Besides candy, pictures and memories, she brought back bronchitis thanks to a discourteous traveller on the flight to London, not from, to. Thus, her trip was … Continue reading

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