Welcome to July with a shift in timeliness

For the last couple months I have been digging out slowly while sticking mostly to the chronological series of events with the exception of keeping the header art, color scheme and my exercise progression updated. Given the events of last week (this will appear quickly since I got an update from a key player today), I decided to use a new month to implement a compromise, as I stay current and close the gap of what I wanted to post but I was either tired, catching up to the past or researching something to put there.

If you use an RSS Feed application, my preferred solution is Leaf for macOS, it will be funky for about a month, hopefully less.

I think going with July was rather fitting too. In two days, my site in blog form will turn 14. What is Piayune‘s true age though? I’m going to go with my first attempt at a printed newsletter, an idea I ripped off from my friend Doc in early 1991. So over 28 with the big three oh on the horizon.

Closing out with why I chose a scene from Tim Burton’s, hasn’t-aged-well, Batman (1989). Yes, I know it was originally released in June 1989 yet this film gave me a better memory from my 21st birthday. Part of my all-day, I can legally drink celebration was spent seeing it again at Milwaukee’s Downer Theater (sweet, it still exists thanks to the Landmark arthouse chain unlike Austin’s sorely missed Dobie). Back then, I thought it was awesome because the only competition Burton had was the Adam West show, the horrible serials from the Forties and numerous, terrible cartoons. I was also less familiar with Batman’s rich tapestry of comic book adventures unless it was Frank Miller’s equally awful, photo Fascist tales. Later this Fall, Warner Brothers (vassal of AT&T) will release a Joker movie which is intentionally about how Batman’s nemesis came to be, unlike Jack Nicholson taking over Batman, courtesy of Burton being a weak director and Michael Keaton having less range than post 1985 Nicholson. I feel that dark superhero flicks have been done to death plus they don’t always work with every character, Justice League is the Heaven’s Gate or Waterworld of superhero flicks. Joker I’m willing to gamble on due to the trailer showing a more dramatic, genuinely tragic approach. I might end up regretting those words I just typed.

Meanwhile, get ready for the big event, especially if I haven’t communicated it to you.

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