Another game with a tired, old band for musically stunted fans

In their defense, Iron Maiden has had a visual trademark via Eddie, but could Stern find a non-dinosaur act (*cough* Rolling Stones, *cough* Aerosmith) that hasn’t been flogging a dead horse over the last 30 years to immortalize? And no, I don’t think a Duran Duran or Talking Heads machine would be very good neither. B-52s? Hell yes! C’mon, everyone would be amused by Fred Schneider’s voice yelling “Rock Lobster!” or better yet, “Rawk!” when the ball is in super bumpers mode! Now as I’m writing this, why isn’t there a Weird Al Yankovic pinball game? He’s the ultimate…oh wait, most people only know the parodies and this makes my pitch a licensing nightmare. I doubt I could count on the newer generation of fans to make it feasible through his originals.

Anyway…did I play this? I was in a hurry at the original Pinballz, so no. I will though. Sometimes the worst themes make the best games. In my experience, I can’t say my favorite movies have. It took a while for anyone to get Star Wars right.

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