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Halloween 2019: the LEGO® avatars and guests!

I went with Where’s My Pants‽ Guy. Co-Worker/Friend Holly is Elvira. This year’s guests are a couple bootlegs I scored this Summer: Spider-Ham and The Mask. Then there’s a possessed waitress from LEGO’s new The Hidden Side sets and Captain Phasma … Continue reading

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Miniature Willie Nelson spotted…

…he could always be that short since it’s often the reality with celebrities. Nah, this good-natured little guy humored us grown-ups as the Red Headed Stranger of the Hill Country. The only thing he lacked to be accurate was some weed.

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RIP John Witherspoon

This guy, not Bill Cosby, was one of America’s dads. It’s a role he honed in the Nineties via Friday, The Wayans’ Brothers Show and obviously Boondocks a decade later. John was just a great character guy as he proved in Hollywood Shuffle (the owner … Continue reading

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Starbucks online support is weak

I’ve had the Starbucks app on my iPhone for so long, I can’t remember when I even started. Just checked but all I discovered was that I’ve had a physical card since 2010. I know I eventually gave in to … Continue reading

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Joker: Worth Seeing

I ran out of true Horror movies to review for this October but given how the last couple years have been a shit show under Orange Foolius, I think this interpretation fits the bill. In short, I liked it immensely … Continue reading

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Phil Lynott once met Mayor McCheese…

…and that’s about it. Sometimes random pictures from the Seventies just write themselves when it comes to whacky crap that happened! I think the funnier part is how sober Phil looks. Originally slated for : October 24, 2019 – 8:03 … Continue reading

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RIP Robert Evans

For my generation, Robert was more of a skit from Mr. Show, a bit by Patton Oswalt and a really funny guest on The Simpsons because the movies he was involved with came out while I was a kid: The Godfather and The Godfather … Continue reading

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A necklace in the spirit of October!

I couldn’t put off National Pizza Month off entirely once I scored this necklace at Waterloo Records and gave it to my co-worker (maybe even a friend) Holly. More will be explained with this nice person in time. We both … Continue reading

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1989: Gas leak kills 23 in Pasadena, TX (Houston area)

Thirty years ago, the miraculous Texas economy demonstrated its awfulness a generation ago through shoddy safety, terrible zoning and being enabled by the Republicans at the Federal level. Obviously, little has changed. The short version… There was a plastics factory run by … Continue reading

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Seis Manos

We’re at 20 days before Disney+ tries to grab the streaming service crown off Netflix’s head and I have to say, it might be harder than the Mouse thinks. Seis Manos is a great example of how the reigning champ might … Continue reading

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It Chapter Two: Worth Seeing

Horror movie number three for October, the conclusion to Stephen King’s rather long It which got updated. If you forgot, the original story took place in the Fifties and concludes in the Eighties. In this take, the first part was in … Continue reading

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My rebuttal to a Trumpkin’s idiocy

To those who lament the “death of civility” in our era, they can stick it and they’re pretty ignorant about America’s past. Matters were much, much worse before the Civil War. South Carolina still worships the congressman responsible for putting … Continue reading

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There’s a starrrrrrrr girl…

…waiting in the sky! She’d like to come and meet us But she thinks she’d blow our minds My little friend Robin there sporting the cool LEGO spaceman logo shirt I scored from the last Brick Fiesta in Austin. The … Continue reading

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RIP Bill Macy

This “William” Macy hit the scene with roles years before William H Macy but I never recalled him until Maude in which he played the titled character’s husband. After the controversial SitCom (it covered abortion for starters, quite the third rail … Continue reading

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1974: Ford explains why he pardoned Tricky Dick to Congress

Despite the Mueller Report being spun as vindication for Orange Foolius (it isn’t, it’s pretty damning), a POTUS who is proving to be worse than Dubious (and should retain this moniker) can’t stop being the dumb asshole he’s been since … Continue reading

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