WizWorld gels, new gym hours, new fiscal year!

The people running WizWorld Austin were really playing it close to the chest this year. I had been checking about twice a week all Summer on who was coming and their site just kept saying bupkis. Thankfully it shored up as my employer gave me three extra vacation days to celebrate our hard work as Apple adds services (Apple TV+, Apple Pay/Cash/Card, etc.) to our plate. I’m glad that I’m a call-center-oriented employee because I can use the days whenever I wish and not be rushed into figuring out the Thanksgiving week.

So who’s coming. Wallace Shawn & Carey Elwes of The Princess Bride! INCONCEIVABLE! Henry Winkler too. Barry Williams of The Brady Bunch, ok. With those extra days, I went ahead and expended one to hit the convention on Friday. It’s better to burn up Friday afternoon waiting in line to get my three-day badge than worrying on Saturday morning while all the good photo ops expire.

The new fiscal year kicked off this week too. The coolest part was the expansion of my favored gym’s hours. It will open at 9 AM on Sundays! The 6 PM closing on weekends will be nice too but the Sunday opening really matters. I won’t have to reschedule Alamo movies to mid afternoon as I do all I can to complete at least an hour of cardio.

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