Heinz stole Hoser’s idea!

One odd habit my best friend José had in college was dipping his fries in a mix of mayonnaise and catsup/ketchup (I don’t care which). He really liked it too. He’d fill up a salad bowl with this gross concoction! The clique we belonged to figure it must’ve been some weird European influence on him and/or it was a Puerto Rican thing. In the last decade, I have come around to trying mayo on my fries. It’s not as disgusting as I feared, just not good for weight loss and “light” mayo tastes awful.

Fear no more José and those who are like-minded! Now you can get the two condiments in one bottle. The only concern? Is this the right ratio of the two substances you prefer? I need to ask José if the mix is 50/50, 60/40, what?

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