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While walking through South Philly…

My LEGO® Avatar ran into these weird, rude people. I think at least half of them were drunk too. The named Mac kept boasting about his martial artistry so much, I could’ve sworn he was my college friend Phil. They … Continue reading

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“Sean Connery” is improving on getting more social

While I’ve been home sick for several days, I upgraded “Sean Connery” to a larger space in my house, one of the empty bedrooms. It’s rather perfect because he cannot hide anywhere but I did give him the cat cave-bed … Continue reading

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My car matches my teeth, redux!

Every great city has at least a couple drawbacks and after 25 years in Austin, I’ve finally concluded the one which pisses me off to no end is that you can never have a nice car in good condition. My … Continue reading

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Check out my new “smart” water bottle!

We constantly hear it in America, not sure about other countries, but we don’t drink enough water. Given all the unhealthy things we Americans generally guzzle in excess: soft drinks, booze, sweet tea (especially in the South), drip coffee, ‘sports’ … Continue reading

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RIP Kobe Bryant

That was a rotten way to go out and to add insult to injury, his daughter was with him. This happening in LA should shock no one when it comes to gossip sites/shows getting wind of it long before his … Continue reading

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It’s GSA cookie season! First ambush at Walgreens today

Is it me or does cookie season get earlier every year? I do have to respect their pluck and initiative because their parents carry Square readers so you can’t use the excuse of, “Sorry, no cash.” This is normal in … Continue reading

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I spoke too soon about my well-being, caught a cold

I was off to a great start this week, hell, this year then I came down with the first big cold for 2020! I tried to power through with HEB’s really bitchin’ chicken-noodle soup they sell in the pre-made meal … Continue reading

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The Rise of Skywalker: Must see!

We’re finally out of Spoilers territory so I can blather my two cents. I also caught Rise at Alamo Drafthouse three times to make sure how I felt about it. First time during the special Thursday night screenings (due to my … Continue reading

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1920: The Dutch refuse to give up the Kaiser

A century ago, the Dutch told the winners of WWI to screw off. These days I highly doubt the Netherlands would take such a stand nor let a warmonger within their borders. More details are at this link. I’m not … Continue reading

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RIP Terry Jones

So sad to see another Python pass away but poor Terry had been fading away via dementia over the last several years too. Terry will be sorely missed because he was the member who directed the three hilarious movies the … Continue reading

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Things are better than I thought

Well, at least that’s what my therapist told me. Especially in light of the good news on the house’s foundation, the refinancing finally hitting the home stretch, the anticipated monthly payment being acceptable (I feared it would be close to … Continue reading

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Trickle down predates recorded history!

I’ve been playing D&D since 1981 and much like the IT profession, our gaming ranks do include an abundance of Incels who buy into this economic bullshit. This is pretty funny since it’s spot-on with how flawed St. Reagan’s “Voodoo … Continue reading

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My MLK joke doesn’t translate to Europeans

As much as I love getting a paid-holiday off/on from work, I’m always annoyed by my country’s obsession with commercializing the day. There’s always sales set around the Fourth of July, Presidents’ Day (it covers at least two), Memorial Day, … Continue reading

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Next step into modifying the house, shoring up the foundation

The original impetus for crap going south in my recent relationship was getting the news from the credit union on refinancing my house; this is something I have to do to take Somara off the mortgage as per the decree. … Continue reading

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Some decorating by the neighborhood kids

My initial reaction was, “Ummm, I don’t recall the appraisal guy doing this yesterday.” Upon a closer look, there were a couple smiley faces drawn on the door too. After a little investigating, my friend/neighbor Niko told me it was … Continue reading

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