Shooting on Sixth Street, obviously I’m OK

We found out this morning since it was all over the local news via our devices. Hell, it made the front page of The Guardian. Thankfully nobody of the 13 victims have died and the suspected shooter remains at large. Of course this is yet another incident in which there was no good guy with a gun to save the day. Then again, it’s Texas, it could’ve been a wannabe good guy who decided to shoot what he believed were 13 Antifa suspects celebrating their recent victory of helping the Democrats flee out of the Capital a couple weeks ago.

As a resident of 27 years, this wasn’t a huge surprise. You mix the state’s moronic gun policy of “more guns!” with a stretch of bars patronized by mostly drunk, sexually frustrated young men (many are frat boys or other types)…you get this.

The rather infamous drinking neighborhood has been on the decline for years anyway. If you ever come to visit me in Austin, I’ll take you to the classier, cleaner Rainey Street.

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