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I was successful in finding an anniversary gift!

Saturday was our one-year anniversary of meeting which led to our relationship. Getting Jennifer a gift is tricky! She is somewhat like me. She has everything she could possibly want but I think I’m easier because anything Star Wars, Star Trek … Continue reading

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Summer 2021 officially begins!

In my opinion, it began a couple days ago when I made some kids and their parents laugh while signing Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out” song at Lowe’s. But as per the Midwest tradition, Memorial Day weekend is the kickoff. School … Continue reading

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1961: Newton Minnow gives his “Wasteland Speech”

This one is under the wire for the month for it happened on May 9, 1961; roughly four years into the new Kennedy administration, FCC Chairman Newton Minnow declares American TV a vast wasteland. Pretty funny given that there were … Continue reading

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RIP Gavin MacLeod

Gavin had quite a run as an actor! After many years as the writer Murray on The Mary Tyler Moore Show he landed a decade-long gig as Captain Stubing on The Love Boat. I do hope he took quite a vacation after … Continue reading

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One year with Jennifer!!

It all started with agreeing to meet each other at a bar in Round Rock. A bar? That does sound rather cliché. However, it was back in the bad-old Pandemic was ragin’ days so masks were required and needed…however, we’re … Continue reading

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Happy National Hamburger Day!

Given how much this American invention is a staple of our bloaty diet, I figured burgers would get at least a month! Before the Pandemic the burger business was going full throttle too. Not exactly what we should be doing … Continue reading

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Agamemnon has completely recovered!

I took the cone off of him a couple days ago but it’s such a funny picture, especially with the look he’s giving me. “How humiliatin’ this is!” However, I received a great e-mail from the vet regarding his follow-up … Continue reading

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A rare piece of merchandise of my alma mater

Scored this in Las Vegas and added it to my collection which already includes my pro teams, the Flyers and the Packers. I had to double check this item before I bought it since Marquette stupidly took the same colors … Continue reading

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1981: Bobby Sands dies from hunger strike

I remember this happening 40 years ago since we didn’t celebrate Cinco de Mayo in the Midwest. St. Patrick’s Day is the Midwest’s preferred binge-drinking holiday. Sands’ death was a tragic event and in its immediacy, more fighting and killing … Continue reading

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Before & After – The Dining Area

Last year I initiated Operation: Manhattan, made only five entries about how I cleared up the master bedroom (now about half undone) and some progress on the guest bathroom. Then…it fizzled out as I got sidetracked with my last entry being … Continue reading

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Harold and Kumar go to White Castle 2021 edition

So pissed I couldn’t find my original review of this flick from 2004 (pre-Weblog format) because I did spend the money at the terrible Cinemark outside my house. Hell, I cannot remember if I liked, hated or thought meh of this. … Continue reading

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Happy 20th Anniversary to White Rock Vet!

Finally some happier posts to celebrate the place where all my cats have been cared for ever since I moved to the area. The original location used to be in the nearby strip mall but Dr. Riggan (the founder) and … Continue reading

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1971: NPR begins with All Things Considered

Too many obituaries this week! Three great people to celebrate and another whose career got screwed over. By the way, I did listen to the first new episode of On the Media minus Bob and Brooke did address it. Unfortunately, she … Continue reading

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RIP Paul Mooney

It has been a rough week in comedy since we lost the other master of the deadpan delivery and a pioneer in Comedy for the world, not just Black Americans. Paul was at Cap City a few years ago during … Continue reading

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RIP Charles Grodin

Mr. Grodin definitely had a great run and when I became a young adult, I got a better grip on his humor. Before then, I thought he was just a grump on David Letterman plus The Lonely Guy was a boring flick. … Continue reading

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Bob Garfield fired from WNYC and OTM

The downside of Twitter is its immediacy yet at least it was announced by Bob instead of me finding out by other means. At this time, the NPR affiliate fired him because he violated their “anti-bullying” policy, whatever the hell … Continue reading

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