Rot in Hell Donald Rumsfeld

He was one of the architects of the continued mess America is in. Still waiting for those Arabs to welcome us as liberators while they kill our soldiers with mines and bullets. Rummy helped pump up the lie about Iraq having anything to do with the 3000 killed by the 19 mostly Saudi Arabian citizens. My biggest disappointment is how he avoided justice for the last 15 years since he also was St. Reagan’s envoy to Saddam Hussein in the Eighties with a message of “go ahead and use chemical weapons on the Iranian forces, we don’t mind.”

It’s people like Rumsfeld who continue to spread violence and irrational paranoia against mostly non-existent threats like the Dulles brothers, Goldwater and St. Reagan, that will bring America to an early end.

If there’s a Hell, Rumsfeld should be part of a human centipede with Sheldon Adelson, the Dulles Brothers, David Koch, Nixon, Reagan and George H W Bush. The Democrats I despise, have their punishment.

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