Now Travis County is going to Stage 5, thanks MAGAt dispshits

According to the numbers, Austin has over 64% of adults and children over 12 vaccinated while the rest of the state is 53%. Wow. Even Austin’s numbers are shit. Thanks to all the Joe Rogan/Alex Jones Bro’s, Libertarian Dumbfucks and Volvo Driving Soccer Moms over in the wealthier parts. I know of at least two households in which they’re dealing with one member who refuses to get the jab. Both assholes in said households are White Males under 30, big shock!

The Confederate Gubmint continues to issue bans on mandatory masks or do squat over the decrepit power grid because making voting harder remains the minority’s only concern. If it’s any consolation, Republican flunkies in the areas with the worst cases are dying off faster than America’s true majority. I just wish it did it faster, more painfully and more graphically to them. Scare the crap out of the survivors. Get them to realize it’s smarter to back Science over Imaginary Friends and their cash-grabbing shills.

Oh, why the meme or whatever it’s called. Thankfully the Jason Isbell concerts remain on but I will need to show proof of my vaccinations (done) or pass a CV-19 test and wear a mask during the show. I’ll endure it. Beats being cooped up and Jason has made it clear, if you don’t follow the requirements, tough shit, you don’t get in. More room for me.

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