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I scored the new iPhone 13 Pro

Well, I really bought last Friday (9/24/21) but I wait several days to execute the migration over from my really good Xs due to last weekend being pretty busy. It was also my first time doing the iPhone-to-iPhone migration since … Continue reading

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Kathy sporting my “thank you” gift for being my engineer

The whole shirt says, “Engineers are magical like unicorns only better.” Kathy is big on anything with a unicorn on it. So it’s a winner to give her. Plus, she runs the board for my show Gifts of the Maggi and … Continue reading

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Babylon 5 returning but “rebooted”

It’s not entirely bad news as I read up on this. B5 will still have J. Michael Straczynski at the helm which is a mixed bag. Sometimes it can backfire as Lucas proved with Star Wars. The prequels weren’t a reboot but … Continue reading

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September’s demo of my cooking prowess

Jennifer is a TikTok addict much like she remains loyal to FeceBook. Personally, I find TikTok to be another steaming pile of shit filled with confessionals (don’t care), murder-mystery storytelling wannabes (don’t care) and my favorite thing to hate on, assholes … Continue reading

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Another successful Moontower Comedy Fest, but…

The announcement was made in the middle of the Fest; Moontower is merging (their term) with the older, better known Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal. JFL as its readily known by, started in 1983, well before the Comedy Boom and … Continue reading

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A deleted scene from Thunderball

As we get closer and closer to the long overdue Daniel Craig No Time To Die, Amazon acquired MGM, the primary owner of the James Bond franchise, and let us know that SPECTRE had an all-nude, middle-aged European tourist commando unit. … Continue reading

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Definitely checking out the Parker Jazz Club again!

Even before the Pandemic shut down some places, namely awful, shitty bars on Sixth Street, venues for drinking and hosting local talent have always come and gone since I moved here in 1994. There’s finally a new one I’m completely … Continue reading

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Orion would like to say “good morning!”

Still pretty giddy and exhausted from last night at the highlight of Moontower, but Orion decided to say hello as I wind down my photography via my iPhone Xs. Yes, I scored an iPhone 13 Pro! Get ready for better … Continue reading

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So Seventies, so absorbant…so gross

Imagine the pitch. It’s a bathrobe. It’s a jumpsuit. It’s a set of coveralls. It’s formal wear at a swingers party. I know I often hear the litany of “don’t kink shame dude!’ But c’mon, these are gross on so … Continue reading

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Happy third birthday Agamemnon!

This crazy little guy gets to celebrate his third birthday (an estimate from the shelter) and I’m grateful for every day he spends with me. If you didn’t remember, he had a near miss with an early appointment for the … Continue reading

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My favorite non-buffet salad with iceberg

This was the culmination of a few things on my last big spending-for-supplies trip. Not just the food, but a really good set of knives to put these ingredients together with less fuss. Again, everyone who didn’t know me very … Continue reading

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That’s one way to guarantee borrowing, not sure about reading

This borrowing library would be funnier if its books and magazines were filled with adult-level-reading material! Publications such as The Economist, New Yorker or tedious novels on par with James Joyce’s Ulysses or Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow. My stupid idea is derived from a story my … Continue reading

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Crocs will always be disgusting

The shoes that were standard issue in Idiocracy before they became the gross standard we see often on grubby children and adults who’ve just given up, wants to convince us they’ll be good for the planet. Not buying their greenwashing, even … Continue reading

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2001: The Simpsons Season One on DVD debuts!

I clearly remember buying this during my lunch hour from a nearby Best Buy, just not the exact day other than it probably was a Tuesday when all new media used to arrive. A DVD player had joined my household … Continue reading

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Taming the backyard, phase four

It doesn’t look that impressive because there’s still a lot of waste baking in the sun before I can throw it out or better yet, find someone with a wood chipper to convert this into mulch; a preferred solution. I … Continue reading

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