Taming the backyard, phase four

It doesn’t look that impressive because there’s still a lot of waste baking in the sun before I can throw it out or better yet, find someone with a wood chipper to convert this into mulch; a preferred solution. I hate putting yard crap into the landfill. Originally, I wanted to get to the fence but the chainsaw’s chain slipped off twice and I had other things I wanted to given yesterday being a heavy running around/shopping quest.

Next Saturday will be put aside for Moontower so I can pick this up again next Sunday. Get a more clear, visible path to the fence. See how much damage was done to my 20-year-old pear tree I received as a gift from my former landlady turned realtor on this house. I dread to see how much damage has been done to my fence by the neighbors on the other side who tend to leave their animals outside all the time, like we’re still in the countryside where no one cares if the dog lives/dies, there it’s a tool.

Next up, probably hiring a landscaping team to till up the ground so I can either plant grass seeds or lay down sod, I think a combination of both. I know renting one would be “smarter” or “cheaper.” Not really if you put in the learning curve.

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