At least there’s one honest undertaker

There’s a saying recently attributed to the NeoCon and MAGAt movement, never miss the chance to a turn a crisis into an opportunity. Yup. And every time, they make the situation a hundred times worse. Over 3000 killed in 9/11 20 years resulted into failed wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with more to come. Katrina turned New Orleans into a bigger dystopia. The election of the biggest despot since Andrew Jackson (not Lincoln or FDR) has but the economy in the ditch again.

However, I love this funeral home! I know death is their business yet I think they’re really “pro life,” because dead people can pay the bills or pick out an overpriced, needless coffin. Plus the Deep South has the highest death rate and lowest vaccination rate which I’m guessing prompted them to ask the locals, “Hey, slow it down. We’re out of room at the morgue to store the stiffs!”

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