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Joined Planet Fitness, neither a trick nor treat

While the world, especially Amerika, continues to sit on its collective thumbs on what to do, what to open, etc. I finally gave up and joined the Planet Fitness a few blocks from my house since I seriously doubt the … Continue reading

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Why you shouldn’t let your car get too dirty

Seems appropriate since I spotted this while leaving a comedy show and the people of Austin are rather puckish.

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Before McRib returns, here’s Biden’s Nothing Burger

As you can see, it was downsized into a Manchin Unhappy Meal. Again, I have NO REGRETS voting for Sanders. Anyone who thinks you can negotiate with Amerika’s domestic terrorists while being undermined by their “moderate” sympathizers, is a fucking … Continue reading

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Best obscure Star Trek costume-reference EVER!

The fan who did this one was a genius! Even though the alien was only shown once and on a rather lame and early episode…”The Corbomite Maneuver,” (sad I know it), which also had Cliff Howard as the guest star…its … Continue reading

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Call first, there might be a line…

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LEGO theft ring in Seattle

Yet another sign that LEGO is the true alternate currency! This story I found yesterday in The Guardian is funny, sad and just amazing in how stupid these people were. Screw crypto, that’s a pyramid scheme! LEGO is the better investment. … Continue reading

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1971: The Electric Company

Holy Buckets! I hadn’t thought about this PBS program in years and today was its anniversary. Growing up in the Seventies, The Electric Company was must-see TV after you “graduated” from Sesame Street and/or found Mr. Rogers too patronizing; today, I revere him … Continue reading

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“Realistic” superheroes from different angles

Sorry, I’m really running behind on what’s current or contemporary TV or movies. It was a crazy Summer…no wait, I’m only partially sorry because I planned on spending much more time on my house. Then in the near future, it … Continue reading

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RIP Peter Scolari

It was a shame to hear he passed away yesterday. I saw the news via Twitter first and it got me to thinking about what he’d been doing lately. He won an Emmy for playing a parent in HBO’s Girls! Pretty amazing. … Continue reading

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Jennifer has a different, new job!

Albuquerque didn’t pan out and I’m not going into great detail about it. The short version is that the people in charge didn’t get everything lined up in time properly so Jennifer decided to come home, take a better opportunity … Continue reading

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Italian #60: Giovanni Martino

Giovanni is a really an odd character in History thanks to his two brushes with fame through coincidence. The latter, read on, is what made him a temporary celebrity in the US and it should’ve led to a cameo in … Continue reading

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When parents don’t understand the context for Halloween

Despite it being the wrong kind, the costume is pretty impressive in its accuracy from what I’ve seen up close at local power stations or telephone lines or whatever they’re called. I just love how children are masters at the … Continue reading

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Italian #59: Enrico Casarosa

We now move on to the miscellaneous professions of the numerous people with Italian heritage. This entry goes to Enrico who is an animation person and you might be familiar with his biggest work to date, Pixar’s Luca. The movie represents … Continue reading

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RIP Colin Powell, partially

As expected, the lazy corporate media kicked off with all the hagiography about Mr. Powell on how he was a first in certain positions and his reluctance to present the bullshit evidence to the UN about Iraq’s weapon-production capabilities. Or how he … Continue reading

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A mixed-feeling billboard

On the surface, this is great. Watching the Republicans fight amongst themselves: the pro-Fascist MAGAts and the anti-democratic Country Clubbers trying to save their fig leaf of dignity. But keep in mind, the top assholes in Texas follow the wind, … Continue reading

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