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A deleted scene from Thunderball

As we get closer and closer to the long overdue Daniel Craig No Time To Die, Amazon acquired MGM, the primary owner of the James Bond franchise, and let us know that SPECTRE had an all-nude, middle-aged European tourist commando unit. … Continue reading

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RIP Yaphet Kotto

Another actor I thought was already passed away, whoops! Still, I’m saddened to see him depart because he was pretty cool. For me he was a great villain (Mr. Big) in Roger Moore’s debut as James Bond in Live and Let … Continue reading

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RIP Tanya Roberts

It’s a pisser that Tanya passed with some embarrassment, first she’s dead, then she’s and oh wait, she’s dead. Well, I want to give Tanya some dignity via my site even if it borders on minuscule in the grand scheme … Continue reading

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RIP Sean Connery

2020 just couldn’t take a break could it, can’t let us enjoy a limited Halloween and have a little pause before the shitstorm election. I know Sean was 90ish yet I didn’t know he had been ill recently. I’m glad … Continue reading

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Howe…Gordie, Howe

Sometime after the Futurama jerseys arrived, my James Bond jersey arrived within a month. The demo Geeky Jerseys showed for this had three digits on the back, 007 obviously, and it was how I could get my Bender number in hexadecimal. … Continue reading

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RIP Honor Blackman

Honor passed away a couple days ago (and not to CV-19). To most Americans, she’s most famous for being Pussy Galore in Goldfinger but I also knew she was one of the first two Avengers before Diana Rigg replaced her to … Continue reading

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RIP Roger Moore

For me, he was James Bond whenever these movies came out. Roger wasn’t my favorite but he did star in several of the best movies in the franchise: Live and Let Die, The Man with the Golden Gun, The Spy Who … Continue reading

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RIP Patrick Macnee, aka Steed

I put up a picture of his most iconic role because most people didn’t recognize his name. For those not into the nerdy genres, he was also Sir Denis Eton-Hogg in This is Spinal Tap, the English owner of Polydor Records, the band’s … Continue reading

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RIP Christopher Lee

The consummate villain for sixty years and Ian Fleming’s cousin to boot! I had the good (or bad) fortune to see his work in the Hammer films as a kid. For some reason, WCIA-3 in Champaign, IL would have a … Continue reading

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RIP: Geoffrey Holder

Geoffrey was a very recognizable voice for several decades especially if you were a kid in the Seventies thanks to the 7-Up commercials he did. I think younger people probably know him more for being the crazy director in Eddie Murphy’s Boomerang. He … Continue reading

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RIP: Richard “Jaws” Kiel

Vacation does put you in a news or media vacuum…except when it comes to sports; you’d think all the thuggery in the NFL was the only thing going on in Las Vegas. Well, I wanted to dedicate a few dozen … Continue reading

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