Some seriously lame propaganda I want to rip on

Since Orange Foolius was in Austin yesterday to continue his grift train with the Ron Paul and Joe Rogan morons while getting the residents of Reaganstan to dare visit my “crime-ridden” home, I want to poke fun at this sloppy art. Firstly, I’m guessing it was made by the Incel nephew of the bozo who makes those hilariously awful paintings with Jesus blessing the Draft Dodger. Obviously, this is pretty lazy work too. All four children are copy-and-paste jobs with very freakishly large foreheads. So large, they’d be sterilized by the local Eugenics Board of Gilead. The “Complete Woman” must be taking speed if she has any energy to get through her day with these creepy four rugrats this close together in age. Remember, as per the Right’s Ideal, dad doesn’t have to do shit, it’s all her job. He must be on a brief leave from his commission with the Proud Boys Division rounding up Brown People, Homosexuals and Leftists.

Meanwhile, the poor, poor Victim of Feminism. She’s enjoying white wine with pizza. This is a bad thing? Oh no! Her only friend is a cat! As a feline fan most of my life, again, I can’t find fault with such a choice. The other friend is a sex toy which is taboo…in Amerika, never mind most red-blooded Amerikan men used to have stashes of porno magazines (sometimes, the other kind if you get my drift Roy Cohn) hidden in their sock drawers. Today, you’d hear many Republican men begging their spouses not to search their browser history. Either way, I’d say the “insult” is another double standard. Let’s see, I guess her wardrobe has some faults I’m bewildered by. Ah, the notches about men she has slept with. Double standard strikes twice since St. Reagan raped many a young actresses on the casting couch before Mommy Nancy trapped him by getting pregnant. For the record, I’m not a fan of either sex/gender/orientation sleeping around like it’s Pokemon Go! Feelings get hurt and if you’re not careful, disease gets spread yet I’m not going to shame women who imitate Wilt Chamberlin, it’s their choice. But I will go out on a limb to say the artist is likely an Incel no sane woman would give the time of day, ergo, Feminists love to be whores. Last dig, college debt. Umm, this is a problem for everybody not belonging to the Upper Middle Class or richer. Single women over 22 don’t have a monopoly with the crisis I slogged through for 13 years, and I was lucky.

Now, full disclosure. When I was a younger man, my track record wasn’t immaculate and the road to my more Left-leaning outlook wasn’t overnight. There were times, I could get pissy at women and annoyed. I wasn’t an Incel though since I never thought nor believed anybody owed me sex; in the Eighties, those guys were called rapists. After a while, I learned to just stop caring and remember it wasn’t all about me. Even at my worst, I continued to back issues important to women since fairness is a core value: equal pay, abortion access, voting, etc. I can’t believe in 2022 we’re continuing to have the discussion about how women are paid less for the same damned job, it’s pathetic. Today, it’s a huge obstacle to get Texas’ legislature to make feminine hygiene products tax free. Being a heterosexual man unburdened by nature’s cruelty in how our species reproduces, I’d prefer them to be free so all women could save some dough to spend on other things they want or need, especially given their lower frickin’ pay. Some of you might say, but Maggi, you don’t like women that much. You voted against HRC. You’re critical of Pelosi and Harris. No denying those accusations. I’m not keen on their phony-baloney positions as they line their pockets on par with the shitty men in office. Besides, I’m a stronger supporter of AOC and c’mon, if there’s anyone capable of making all established political sides cringe and whine, it’s her, not the DCCC/DLC goons. Plus all those HRC stormtroopers said some of the nastiest things about Palin and we knew then, we were hating Mrs. “I can see Russia from here” for her stances on the issues, not her sex.

I’ll close with this and it may be bumper sticker wisdom but feminism‘s definition to me was something I once saw at Book People: Feminism is the crazy belief that women are people. I would love to see Oberfürher Tucker Carlson argue his position against it.

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