Some painting before the new (overdue) furniture arrives


Yesterday, was joint painting day. As in Jennifer and I worked together on putting a couple coats on a master bedroom wall (or three) before the new stuff arrives. Reliving my college summers as a member of the Marquette Paint Crew, except we didn’t wash the walls first, they were pretty clean, nobody smokes! We did have to take down all the cool Elfa shelving used to display my Chucks collection. My brother-in-law Aaron did a great job in 2008, the pieces will be easy to restore when the paint is dries. I remembered quickly why I preferred being a cutter (the person who trims the edges), using a roller, especially on the ceiling gave me back pain within seconds. Jennifer got a little annoyed over the paint getting on the floor and some other objects. It’s latex so it didn’t worry me, the junk turns into a plastic coating which isn’t too difficult to remove. Trust me, compared to the many substances I’ve scrubbed off floors and walls, latex paint doesn’t involve as much elbow grease.


The after picture is either a limitation of my iPhone’s camera, the LED-based light bulbs and/or I have the worst eyeballs. We did apply two coats yet I’m not sure why there’s a yellowing effect in the middle of the wall. Somebody said to apply a third coat. I can definitely see a difference between the painted walls and the doors the house came with, they are seriously yellow with age.

With the new bedroom set being overdue, the wall painting will progress to the “sides” after we’ve moved the old furniture we’re going to sell on Marketplace, it’s a FeceBook thing Jennifer knows. I can’t wait to put my vast shoe collection back into its proper setting.

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