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RIP Desmond Tutu

He was a pretty amazing and fortunate figure in how he helped fight apartheid in South Africa. In some regimes, organized religion is complicit with tyranny, regardless of a person’s color or ethnicity. However, he rightfully chose to speak out and … Continue reading

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Rest in Peace Scarface the Lion

This lion dying of old age (14) is a big deal because it’s a rare event. If you didn’t read the article, the short version is that most males are only in charge of a pride for several years before … Continue reading

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The horrible Robert Mugabe is finally dead

Given this dictator’s murderous reputation, I’m surprised he died of old age, 95. Despite being dead, his inept, corrupt and crony-filled regime remains the shadow looming over the struggling democracy of South Africa. Originally hailed as a liberator when he … Continue reading

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RIP: Johnny Clegg

I didn’t get into Johnny’s music with his band Savuka until I was nearing graduation from Marquette. The band had a pretty good appearance on SNL and I think Milwaukee’s smooth jazz station would play “Take My Heart Away” so I … Continue reading

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