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1981: Austin Chronicle starts

When I first moved to Austin, I definitely got hooked on the Austin Chronicle and even said, if they had more comics with TV listings, you don’t need to buy the pro-Cancer (aka “Growth”) rag know as the Austin American-Statesman, a sad … Continue reading

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Reviews for late September

This time around I have turned the tables on the last set of reviews. Instead of one artist covering a series of songs, we now have numerous artists covering the material of three bands and a studio band covering the … Continue reading

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Two new adventures

It’s nice to see Wizards finally doing a 180 on publishing adventures since all the other companies that were good at them bailed (Fiery Dragon, Mal Havoc and Necromancer). Traditionally they’re financial loss leaders but to me they are necessary … Continue reading

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Reviews for Early September

Rock Swings – Paul Anka & The Day After Yesterday – Rick Springfield: Two old favorites take their best shots at cover albums. One in the vein of Pat Boone, the other in the great tradition of David Bowie’s Pin-ups. First is Paul Anka’s re-arrangements … Continue reading

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Weird Science Theater returns!

Click here. (Dead Link now) I have it reroute to my old CapMac site due to the graphics involved.  Enjoy and post comments here.

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Reviews for Mid August

Peddlin Dreams – Maria McKee: You could say this one is High Dive Part 2 since it feels like a continuation her 2003 release and maybe it was the leftovers. I personally enjoy the album but I think most people … Continue reading

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Stormwrack for D&D

Firstly, I want to quickly declare that there will be certain words you will never see in my reviews or comments on Gaming. Crunch or Crunchy: What a crappy word to use! The appropriate words that should be used instead … Continue reading

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New Ratings System for Reviews

Despite Hollywood claiming record-breaking revenues every Summer, attendance has been declining every year. Seems that the suits in charge can’t (or won’t) put two and two together and realize that $6.25 for a matinee is still too much. I don’t … Continue reading

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Reviews for Late July

After a year, my music review section has returned. Here are three CDs I finished listening to thoroughly enough on my iPod to give some worthy judgments. Martha Wainwright – Martha Wainwright: Anyone expecting a female version of her more … Continue reading

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