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1974: Young Frankenstein debuts

Mel Brooks was on a roll 40 years ago. First Blazing Saddles spoofing Westerns (a dying genre then) followed by a spoof of the traditional Horror films, namely the old Universal films as they’re known by. I never got to see … Continue reading

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NYC opens its first cat cafe!

This isn’t terribly new around Austin since my adopted home has numerous shop cats (Dragon’s Lair, some Half Price Books branches) but it’s nice to see a cafe in New York doing what it can to help homeless kitties. If … Continue reading

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Notice me!

One of the funniest episodes of Bob’s Burgers. If you haven’t seen it, check it out on Netflix. I think it’s the second season finale. Then you’ll see the context of the name. I must admit the Burger King logo lends … Continue reading

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