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Richard Horvitz

This Holiday Season I’m closing out all the Brushes with Greatness I procrastinated about and boy howdy there’s a slew, one that’s a couple years behind that I have no excuse to putting off. I will start with this gentleman because … Continue reading

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Here’s the loot was gave out, part one

This year is a quick gallery of the gifts the Maggi Republic sent out to our friends’ kids. One thing I was hellbent about in 2014 was not giving money or generic gift cards, namely to the offspring we have … Continue reading

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The Hobbit part three Worth Seeing*

* – Once again my caveat on  the “Worth Seeing” rating sticks around to warn those who aren’t familiar or enthused about Tolkien’s better works being brought to life for three hours at a stretch. This time though, even I was … Continue reading

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