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Farewell 2019, don’t let the door hit you on the ass

Hell, I feel the same way about this decade. Sure, Orange Foolius only ruined it for three out of ten years but the Great Equivocator or Black Nixon did a shitty job during the previous seven too. In many ways, … Continue reading

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Breakfast with my friends from Big D!

Ami brought the boys with her for a quick visit to see some family members based in Austin. Meanwhile, they all made time to have IHOP with me and I gave the boys LEGOs! Alex (the smiling guy in the … Continue reading

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Belated Xmas card from the Eighties

Pretty good PhotoShop work…way better than mine but the lighting is a tad off when you compare all three of their skin tones. It’s also odd that they didn’t go with the more neutral, universal “Holiday Wishes” given that the … Continue reading

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Scout, a new cat friend I’ve made

Some friends of mine are away for the Holiday Break and I agreed to catsit their funny, lively queen of the house…Scout. She’s a firecracker. However, being crazy for cats, I give her attention galore while I’m in to tackle … Continue reading

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Happy Boxing Day!

Also known as the second day of Christmas with that song Bob & Doug McKenzie sang. The always hilarious comedian George Wallace made a great joke/shoutout on Twitter too: Shout out to the six geese a layin’, makin’ sweet bird … Continue reading

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Star Wars “fixes” an old Christmas song

Just in time to celebrate The Rise of Skywalker, a new friend I made online shared this goofy take on the song people are getting their underpants in a knot over. Last time I checked the lyrics, the male voice isn’t … Continue reading

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More proof demonstrating Gritty’s awesomeness! 12/19 edition

A bitchin’ freebie at Waterloo Records promoting the Ramoms, a silly band using that play on words bit, promoting their Philly fandom and proving how Gritty is the best mascot in the NHL! I found other songs covered by the … Continue reading

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I need this for my car!

Sadly, this quote and its attribution are very, very true. Quick confession about me and cars. When I was a little kid, I loved Hot Wheels and Matchbox toy cars like all my age in the Seventies. I wanted a … Continue reading

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Some stuff to make Sean Connery calm down

Let’s see if this powder sprinkled on to Sean Connery’s dry food helps lower his stress and anxiety with being my kitty. The stuff comes in gel cap form so fat chance he’d swallow it willingly; anyone with a cat … Continue reading

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My new cat “Sean Connery” making biscuits

 Today I took my new kitty, “Sean Connery” (it’s his working name until I post a poll which is another story on why not yet), to my vet to get his file started, make sure he’s still OK and … Continue reading

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LEGO Steve & Kathy attended Rise of Skywalker in costume

They chose to go with characters from the hit Disney+ show The Mandolorian. Obviously Kathy is the star character while Steve is Cara Dune, a former Rebel soldier and turned ally to the star. Thanks to a special Hidden Side figure, I … Continue reading

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Pasta found in the Netherlands that’s special!

As you can see from the label, whenever you buy this brand/package of pasta, you must give five ravioli to me. I prefer them to be cooked and covered with an Alfredo sauce. A chicken-based broth is acceptable too. In … Continue reading

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I finally bought or replaced the Apple TV at my house

I grew tired of watching The Mandolorian on my portable and the Disney+ App hasn’t been created for Vizio-brand TVs. Given my profession, you need to watch the hit Star Wars-based show immediately because co-workers are bad at withholding spoilers! Hooking the device … Continue reading

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Another hack whining about The Simpsons

Hard to believe a Christmas Special starring the characters from the interstitials on The Tracy Ullman show would lead to a 30-year run on network TV in America. Well, years later James L. Brooks and Matt Groening would reveal how the … Continue reading

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Heinz stole Hoser’s idea!

One odd habit my best friend José had in college was dipping his fries in a mix of mayonnaise and catsup/ketchup (I don’t care which). He really liked it too. He’d fill up a salad bowl with this gross concoction! … Continue reading

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