I still got it with this machine!

Spent a good chunk of my day at the Classic Gaming Expo in downtown Austin. It wasn’t quite the 70,000 square feet of video games I was hoping for, more like 20K with 50K of vendors, mostly people selling legacy gear; more about it later. Pinballz was kind enough to provide some machines set on free play. I was going to do multiple players with this guy and his son but he walked off after I hit the start button. Thus, I played all four players quadrupling my chances to beat the 3.8 million for a “free” game; even when I don’t have to pay, I’m trying to defeat what the machine’s computer has set to be the difficulty level. The keys to Bugs Bunny’s Birthday are launching the ball up to the back into the cyclone ramp to rack up 10K-500K points or an extra ball; launching the back up the right ramp into the left area in which you can add points to the Tweety slide that dumps into the left drain toward a flipper; or the hardest, getting the ball into a pit/trap when the nearby light is flashing 50,000,000 if you get it in there. Player 3 got the opportunity and I nailed it! From then I was chasing the high score left behind by this JP character. Obviously I failed. At least I left behind my initials at the convention to tell others, watch out for this MAG fellow. I’m just glad I didn’t let Bugs Bunny down on what is his 79th birthday today.

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