RIP D.C. Fontana

Growing up with reruns of Star Trek like most of Gen X, you’d see D.C.’s name often in the credits. What you didn’t often know was that D.C. was a woman which was a rarity with TV writing, especially it was Sci-Fi! Women writing Sci-Fi novels had been going on for years, and they were likely using initials or a dude name. She also two personal favorite episodes, “Journey to Babel,” this one introduced us to Spock’s parents, the Andorians, Tellarites and the Orion Syndicate; another with great aciton/comedy is “Friday’s Child.”

After Star Trek was cancelled, D.C. obviously went to other programs but she returned to be involved the Star Trek Saturday-morning cartoon and Star Trek: The Next Generation.  Her expertise was even welcomed on Babylon 5!

Thanks for everything D.C.! You contributed a ton to my childhood, numerous afternoons of watching Star Trek (it was a long Summer being stranded at Grandma’s house) and a love of your creations. You helped break down the gender barrier on both sides: proving to men that women can write Sci-Fi well and to women, it’s perfectly normal to enjoy Sci-Fi.

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