RIP David Lander

To my generation, he was Squiggy on Laverne & Shirley. Whenever the show needed that comedic answer to “what else could happen?” you’d hear his signature “hello,” as he and Lenny (Michael McKean) entered Laverne and Shirley’s basement apartment. I knew there was more to him. With his longtime writing/college buddy Michael, they debuted on Happy Days, they played mechanics in the low-brow comedy Used Cars, were the crew on an anti-aircraft gun in 1941 and even made a great record called Lenny & the Squigtones. Although their greaser characters didn’t fit in when the show moved to LA, they remained funny, namely the episode in which Lenny & Squiggy were bachelors on The Dating Game.

I had heard David was suffering from MS which explained why you’d recognize his name more often in voice work when the Laverne & Shirley ended. He was the voice of the lead weasel from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and the scary grasshopper in A Bug’s Life. He made the occasional cameo in SNL or The Simpsons to bring back Squiggy. The one my cousin Dana brought up that I overlooked was his turn at being a Ferengi for Star Trek: Next Generation. Given how lecherous Squiggy was, I’d say he was a perfect fit other than being 5′ 3″ (Ferengi are much shorter than humans).

Thanks for everything David. You made me laugh so hard as a little kid with your Squiggy and one day, your work with the Credibility Gap will which a wider audience.

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