Snowmageddon 2021

A quick sample of how thick, lasting and messy yesterday’s snow “storm” was. Personally, I thought it wasn’t going to happen. Then we had several hours of icy rain to set the conditions for snow. It also stuck because the ground/roads were cold enough to make accumulation happen. There were various snow people made in people’s yards and I caught one snowball fight amongst a family. At least one stranger at HEB asked me how to drive in this: go at least 10 mph below the speed limit, as a stop is approaching…ease into with the brake and most importantly, don’t drive like most Austinite Assholes, this whole ego problem of “I have to be ahead of you!,” take your time, we’re all going to get to where we’re going.

As expected, there was a wave of school closings or delayed openings. Wimps. This was then followed by runs on bottled water, toilet paper and white bread at all grocery stores. The translation for Whole Paycheck: Topo Chico, bidet fluid and scratch sourdough with sixers of the most pretentious IPA you’ve tried to swallow.

I’m still torn about working from home versus a delayed opening, they don’t give us snow days anymore. I hate having to do my job from my personal sanctuary from the planet, it’s not just about getting away from work yet I get paid for the whole day because I did work the whole time. The delayed opening is crap too. We have to give up vacation time to make up the hours the site isn’t operational since the leadership will only cover two hours. How I love to risk the cost of my car insurance deductible while some of the laziest people I work alongside lie about how their drive way is too downhill to come in.

Either way, living in Austin is better than my hometown. All this crap will melt away for good in two days and the temperature will return to the teens (Metric). Springfield would just get a fresh layer before the week is over.

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