My first attempt at “fancy” cooking in a while

Yesterday, it was my turn to resolve dinner because Jennifer got a one-time gig to administer CV-19 vaccinations; I think she inoculated over 300 people too. I wanted to try something different instead of takeout. Plus I’m trying to impress her, Jennifer has cooked favorites for me over the weeks in addition to all the work she’s done for two holidays.

The other thing I want to refute is the crap I have (and still) received regarding my culinary skills with/without Somara in my life. Firstly, Somara was already a deadly cook and Cordon Bleu just made her lethal. Secondly, I never had trouble cooking or feeding myself before, during or after my relationship with Somara. I was an apt pupil as a kid and I know how to follow instructions. Why I don’t go crazy? I’m lazy. When I do bother, I’m adequate. I won’t blow you away yet I won’t make you sick.

Above is what I decided to give a shot. Salmon. I wanted to go with something other than beef or chicken. I’ve been eating it too much lately (more on that later). HEB had a decent cut and my ex-roommate Garrett demonstrated how easy it is to cook in an oven with just some foil under it. The second part is potatoes au gratin which I just went with a boxed kit, it’s faster and works. The carrots I put more effort into and I needed to find something other than another starch. A quick Internet search showed me you can just peel and quarter about two pounds of raw carrots baked in some olive oil for 30 minutes. This made enough food for the both of us with one last decent portion I shared with Jennifer’s neighbor/friend. Couldn’t get a different taker while it was at least warm. Next time!

Jennifer’s reaction. Pretty solid. I didn’t want a parade. I got what I wanted, permission to do this again when she has a long day doing a contract gig and I’m off from work.

What should I do next? Suggestions are welcome.

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