What CV-19 testing feels like

I received my second Moderna shot three weeks ago but this reminded me of what CV-19 testing feels like! Well, the first time I was tested last year when the pandemic had more mystery, paranoia and fear around it. My nostrils burned for a few hours. The second time I was tested, medical professionals learned mouth swabs were accurate enough to figure out who was infected.

Despite being “immune” now, I will continue to wear my mask in public as per the CDC’s recommendations because I never, ever wanted to be tested again. I fear it will smart as much as finding out my old man is Darth Vader.

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One Response to What CV-19 testing feels like

  1. Stephen Donlon says:

    I got COVID tested three times. The first was because I had a medical appointment that required it and the other two were because we came into contact with people who LIED to us. Ha ha! Actually, just one of them. Luckily, we were wearing masks and none of us were positive. The test was not comfortable, but I was surprised it didn’t bother me much other than it was happening. The second vaccine shot (Moderna, as well)…kicked my butt. I was out for nearly two days. I worked both, but left early for a serious nap on the first day.

    After I had my second vaccine I played “Invincible” by Pat Benatar.

    I still intend on wearing a mask till the coast is clear though.