Got my booster shot against CV-19 today

Not sure if the booster is making me tired, the long weekend or the aftermath of Daylight Savings Time ending. Just glad I had it done as Winter will kick in. Can’t get a flu shot though for about four weeks. I also went with HEB because Walgreens wouldn’t have anything available for a couple weeks. The downside was HEB only having the less effective Johnson & Johnson version. However, it’s better than nothing and even we are facing a mutation or new variant, it’s better to have a foundation over zilch. My super religious cousin Leesa claimed she “knows” two people who are allegedly in wheelchairs or walkers or something bad from J&J. I forgot to confront her about their names to make sure this isn’t a cousin’s best friend’s sibling. The comment was disheartening since Leesa has a master’s degree in Chemistry. I doubt she wants to be reminded by an Atheist cousin about Jesus having a doctor (Thomas) in his entourage of bros.

Another annoyance was HEB’s pharmacist. She was professional and all, nothing negative about her personality, customer service or how she jabbed me (barely felt it!). I just keep my vaccination history on a very trusted app on my iPhone. She wouldn’t let me have the key details for me to enter: batch number helps give my status validity. How else can I get into a public place easily if somebody looks pretty closely and realizes that my second dose of Modern from APH was over six months ago. Maybe APH will do another round of the two stronger solutions and I can squeeze in early next year as J&J wears off.

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