Burn in hell Sheldon Adelson

He was a real life C. Montgomery Burns since he and his flaks call him a “patriot,” since their definition means, a person who feels they have the right to piss on other Americans’ human rights, legal rights and freedom in order to enrich themselves. He loved Orange Foolius in the end even though he squandered millions the three-chinned Newt when 2016 was up for grabs. Adelson also was a fanatic for Israel committing war crimes which is why Bibi was his other bitch. In short, he backed the Right because the Center was going to make him pay taxes or worse on his gambling ventures; Black Nixon’s people were investigating him for law-breaking over his Chinese holdings. Once I learned more about this human turd, I made it clear that I would never spend a dime on anything in his Vegas joint, the Venetian.

Good riddance. I hope he has a slug of offspring who will fight over his ill-gotten estate and break it up into more easily manageable and taxable ventures. The only justice the world received in his death, he lived to see Orange Foolius defeated, soundly by eight million votes nationwide, by people he won’t allow in his properties.

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