A belated farewell to (Adobe) Flash

This browser plug-in to make animation and simple games work kept the Internet from being 99% dominated by porno; today it’s probably in the 80% department. I honestly don’t know what the real numbers are but I do consider 99% of the crap via TikTok to be worse than porn. Flash did help make YouTube the powerhouse it is today.

If it weren’t for mobile devices needing to conserve power and often be connected by subpar cellular networks, Flash probably would’ve kept going a few more years. All the talk about HMTL 5 was just that, talk, like how the US will one day convert to the Metric System. The other accusation was security glitches. Again, Big Data and its partners don’t truly give a crap. The current tech we’re using has more holes in it than a brick of Swiss cheese. If security were a real concern, the Tech Superpowers wouldn’t be in bed with China and have their dick in a vise regarding 5G.

Thanks for all the fun Adobe Flash! You definitely helped enormously while dial-up was the primary means.

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