Political arm/party of terrorist organization moves to Dallas

That is the correct and more accurate headline regarding the NRA’s latest move to escape the scrutiny of New York (state). Their claims of “toxic” environment are laughable. New York investigators discovered embezzlement, fraud and other side hustles these shitbags have been doing thanks to Ammosexuals being gullible (see 1/6/21). As they flee to Texas for their bankruptcy, something well abused by Orange Foolius, I’m confident the new incorporation is being welcomed with open arms via my state’s NeoConfederate regime. Especially AG Ken Paxton whose never met a bribe or inside deal, he never liked. Oddly their HQ (or lair) is in Virginia, not a backwoods shed in Montana or Idaho. At least they had the smarts to avoid Austin, they’re not welcome here unless your name is Alex Jones.

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