Special Chucks to celebrate my graduation! MU30, Part 1

Current events and exhaustion kept this mini-gallery from being posted along with its companion piece reminiscing about how it was merely 30 years ago I graduated from university. I stupidly missed the one-day Black Friday offer on the site so I paid full price, which wasn’t really too bad ($85). The colors and the big M on the exterior were close enough to Marquette’s logo or typeface. Maybe I can find some old Warriors stuff to glue on to the other side so I don’t have to deal with jackasses who think I’m wearing Michigan…a good school in its own right, I just didn’t go there.

Converse was pretty cool to have the rubber parts and eyelets be different colors to keep up the theme. No luck on getting different colored laces to keep it going.

It blew my mind that their filter, bot or whatever, allowed me to have Marquette stitched in the back. Years ago, you’d get shot down if requested copyrighted names from the major leagues and universities; oddly it didn’t reject Wolfpack (NC State, and an AHL team). I figured you couldn’t use the names of institutions, good thing I was wrong. Maybe the filter assumed I was entering the name of Marquette, MI because my alma mater draws a blank once you’re 200-plus miles from Milwaukee. Bring up the 1977 NCAA championship under Al Maguire, then some light bulbs go off.

I probably won’t wear them unless Marquette Day 2021 is safe enough to have a gathering; it probably won’t given that 4000 people/day continue to die and only the one percent have received the vaccine. I will look pretty spiffy with 2022!

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