1981: The first DeLorean rolls off the production line

Given its history of problems in production, rolling off the line would be a compliment and accurate. Johnny Carson’s died as soon as it left the dealership. So…pushed by the workers to a delivery truck?

Despite the car being a Ponzi Scheme John DeLorean bilked the UK millions of pounds for, the DeLorean (there are varying models by year), gained its immortality in Back to the Future. I even have the Playmobil and LEGO versions with the time-traveling car. What always sold me on it were the butterfly doors. When I was a kid, I had a Hot Wheel version of a Mercede concept car with the same feature first. That Hot Wheel always helped me win at Thundershift 500!

I have also had the good fortune to ride in one when I was in college. The dude who owned the DeLorean, I never envied him. The darn thing was often broken and getting it repaired was a part-time job because it was the pre-Internet days which meant he had to spend time combing through trade/hobby periodicals to find spare parts. Another matter which has made ownership easier, 3D printers and people figuring how to make replacement parts to keep them operational.

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