RIP Christopher Plummer

To the world, he was immortalized as Captain von Trapp from The Sound of Music yet he appeared in a ka-jillion things, most recently he was the cunning author who baffled his family, police and a silly detective in Knives Out. I saw him off and on but the performance which stuck was General Chang, the Klingon tormenting the Enterprise in Star Trek VI with his Shakespeare quote while his cloaked ship kept taking easy shots.

I didn’t know he was originally part of the Sixties’ “bad boy” gang with Anthony Quinn and Peter O’Toole. I guess his personal life was busy (heavy drinking) since the roles he had as per back then say otherwise.

The funnier thing I learned about Mr. Plummer involved the horrendous Italian Star Wars ripoff…Starcrash which you can still see being skewered on Netflix’s MST3K productions. He has a brief role as the Emperor. Why did he stoop to appearing in such dreck everyone knew would be terrible? It was filmed in or near Rome. Plummer said something I’ll paraphrase, I’d shoot a porno if it involved me getting a chance to visit Rome.

Thanks for everything! You definitely made everything you appeared in better. Whether it was the laughingly awful Starcrash or proving what a trooper you were to replace Kevin Spacey in All the Money in the World at the last second. Your villainous voice in Up rocked!

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