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RIP: Masaya Nakamura & John Wetton

A sad double whammy against two people who were a staple of my life in 1982, especially how awesome that Summer was. First up is Mr. Nakamura, the person behind Pac Man and its parent company Namco. The sequel Ms. Pac … Continue reading

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Hey Mr. J, I’m on some new shoes!

I always prefer the original character design by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini. The sexualized one DC shifted to in 2011, video games and the horrendous Suicide Squad movie is just lame. I’m no prude, I just think it was a … Continue reading

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Tsk, tsk. Silly Stormtroopers

These guys were supposed to be the best soldiers in the Empire.

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Nikki Glaser

Another great evening of live comedy in Austin with up and coming stand-up comedian, Nikki Glaser. You may recognize her through Inside Amy Schumer and her podcast Not Safe with Nikki Glaser. After listening to Nikki’s set, I’m going to give the latter a … Continue reading

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RIP: John Hurt

A really cool actor with a solid Sci-Fi resume has passed. Now if I can still still tell the difference between John and the American actor William Hurt. John first came to my attention as the Nostrumo’s navigator Kane who was indirectly … Continue reading

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Miguel the stray cat update

Today Miguel had his surgery before I turn him back loose into the “wild” known as unincorporated Pflugerville. Since he’s a stray and not big on human contact, the vet had to do his blood tests while unconscious. The bad … Continue reading

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Moon Chucks

I really wanted the unicorn design from Journeys but they didn’t carry them in my size, what a shock. This cool alternative with the moon and clouds which is pretty bitchin’.

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Meet Miguel

Friday night I was driving down DeMaret like I often do on my way home with the brights on, watching for the numerous animals these neighbors let roam around. As expected, a couple cats were hanging out by the road … Continue reading

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The Edge of Seventeen: Worth Seeing

This coming-of-age flick was sadly released in the midst of the holiday movie season which is a bad move 99% of the time. Maybe Seventeen will get a second wind through streaming because I personally feel it belongs in the pantheon … Continue reading

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Alea iacta est!…Las Vegas 17 A is go

I also changed the countdown widget since I really don’t give a crap about “celebrating” how many years I’ve officially been with Apple given their history of stiffing me on real promotions. The upside of remaining relegated as a senior … Continue reading

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