One of the best Lego Movie jokes on a shirt


I know I’m behind on my Brushes week promise but I have a really good excuse. Meanwhile, enjoy a new shirt acquisition I made at WizWorld!


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Danny Trejo

Scanned Document

Danny Trejo has been the designated badass in numerous movies for the last 20 years, especially when Robert Rodriguez or Quentin Tarantino needed him. They must do something special with the camera because as the picture above shows…I’m a couple inches taller than him. Regardless, it was pretty cool to meet him for I’ve enjoyed his appearances in From Dusk Till Dawn (both versions), Spy Kids, Maron, Desperado, Machete, Machete Kills, King of the Hill (he plays Hank’s co-worker Enrique) and my personal favorite…Muppets Most Wanted. I asked him how he got to be in it. Danny said it was Tina Fey’s idea to have him as himself in the Russian gulag. Only fitting to have an additional tough due alongside Ray Liotta to scare Kermit.

Trump won't mess with this Mexican!

Trump won’t mess with this Mexican!

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All Glory to this Shirt!


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Sam Jones, my favorite Flash Gordon!

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Sam Jones is best known for being Flash Gordon in the 1980 movie of the same name. He’s my favorite person to play the role because the Buster Crabbe is silly and the 2007 TV show was just plain awful. That doesn’t make him my favorite by default, no way…Sam looked the part for 1980! He’s a pretty cool dude too. As you can see he’s all about fitness with how well he looks. I told him I liked how they made him the QB for the Jets which was a stretch (they weren’t a good team then) but it was more plausible than the original storyline, Flash Gordon was a polo player. Polo? Who plays that anymore!

Cue the Queen soundtrack!

Cue the Queen soundtrack!

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Bugs Bunny meets The Doctor


Got it just in time for WizWorld. I received a lot of positive inquiries about the shirt too.

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Lee Majors! The kickoff to Brushes week!

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Another WizWorld Austin has come and gone! This year’s was great too. It finally had a gauntlet of people I wanted to see, meet, have photos with and get autographs of. Then comes the buying of crap but on the upside, I also find cool things for friends: toys, shirts, whatever.

Firstly though, I got to meet a childhood hero of mine. Lee Majors. In the Sixties he was in some Western show called The Big Valley so my parents knew him from that. In the Seventies, he was the star of The Six Million Dollar Man. Every week Lee was Col. Steve Austin, an astronaut who was in a horrible accident. Through technology (aka cybernetics), Steve was brought back to life with a new bionic eye, right arm and both legs. Then he was made an operative for the OSI (Office of Scientific Intelligence), a less odious espionage/counter-intelligence agency. We didn’t get into the show until about half-way through its run due to our age. My brother and I did have the cool toys from Kenner. In the Eighties, Lee re-invented himself in another series we watched on ABC called The Fall Guy. The premise of a stuntman supplementing his income chasing down bail jumpers was plausible. I’d say it gave birth to some reality shows.

I got to speak to him and tell him about how he used to be my hero as a little kid, namely how I campaigned for him as president against the Fonz in Cub Scouts. There was a cool kid in my den who got everyone else to follow him with the Fonz, but I wouldn’t budge and with the help of the other five dens, Col. Austin prevailed!

Overall, Lee was a cool guy who is enjoying a minor comeback playing Ash’s dad in Bruce Campbell’s ongoing show on Starz.

There he is as Col. Steve Austin in his trademark red jumpsuit!

There he is as Col. Steve Austin in his trademark red jumpsuit!


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Happy 150th birthday HG Wells

The guy who gave us four major stories Hollywood keeps remaking via film and TV was born on this day. Many authors are often known for like one, maybe two major novels with the public at large, unless it’s Stephen King or Jackie Collins. Wells’ stuff keeps going because I think it’s mostly timeless, these four readily adapt to the West’s changes via technology.

  • The Time Machine
  • The Island of Dr. Moreau
  • The Invisible Man
  • The War of the Worlds

I’ve only read The Time Machine. It wasn’t as preachy as I had been told. Maybe I just don’t see the Eloi and Morlocks in the context of Victorian social classes. The premise worked even better with Wells and the Jack the Ripper traveling through time in Time After Time. When it comes to The War of the Worlds, the Jeff Wayne rock opera interpretation is my personal favorite. Richard Burton narrates with various Sixties and Seventies performers sing the parts of the characters the narrator meets: Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy) as the parson, Chris Thompson (Mannfred Mann) sings about HMS Thunderchild and Justin Hayward (Moody Blues) covered the narrator’s “thoughts.” I also have the recent remake with Liam Neeson narrating, Joss Stone as the parson’s wife and Ricky Wilson (Kaiser Chiefs) as the artilleryman.

Wells’ lesser known works predicted the future a tad. The World Set Free warned about atomic/nuclear warfare as early as 1914. The Shape of Things to Come which was made into a movie in the Thirties didn’t explain what would initiate WWII but here I’m glad he was wrong about the use of planes to bombard cities with poison gas. I saw this movie once in college, probably on USA when they aired odd things on late weekend evenings. The acting is a bit stiff but these days, Shape comes off as more comical than scary, especially with the “zombie” disease ravaging the survivors.

I think I’ll finally get off my butt and read The War of the Worlds since it’s “free” on my iPad alongside some other contemporaries he had, Verne and Burroughs.

I want to close with a favorite quote of his, which is rather accurate given the shitty election we have alongside elements of Idiocracy coming true.

Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.

Given how cheap Americans are, I think catastrophe is in the lead.

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DC’s Hanna-Barbera offerings redesigned


Suffice to say, not everything from DC is annoying reboot of their universe for the umpteenth time *cough! Rebirth**cough! Crisis something* No, someone from the executive caste in the Time Warner empire probably told the DC people to make viable titles from the Saturday-morning archives they own. Good thing there were no “notes” on how to screw it up. Of the four titles DC took on, I got hooked on two.

First up is The Flintstones. Yeah, I know. The Sixties primetime show which got syndicated to death and led to numerous weaker Saturday-morning spinoffs. I think Boomerang is the only channel showing the originals anymore too. Anyway, at its core, The Flintstones wasn’t necessarily for children. The cartoon spoofed modern life in the Sixties via a fictional caveman world with a big nod to The Honeymooners; money problems, jealousy, sneaking out to see a fight without the wives knowing, etc; more like life in the Fifties in my opinion. It took poetic license with cartoon physics because it could. The Simpsons still do.

This comic returns to those roots yet the problems have been updated; they have cell phones, flat-screen TVs, hipsters vaping and the awful caveman equivalents of things in our world. For example, Tarpit for shopping, Outback Snakehouse for dining and Starbrrk’s for coffee. Each issue covers one or two plots so you don’t necessarily have to read them in order, much like TV sitcoms. It’s also a little darker than I thought it would be, namely how Fred and Barney are vets from the Paleolithic Wars. The famous duo are holding up well but they have buddies suffering badly from PTSD over how they killed the tree people in order for their civilization to get the land. There are lighter stories poking fun at modern art, consumerism, organized religion, what is civilization and malevolent little green people from the stars. The inaugural issue began with a modern-day museum displaying a Neanderthal who met an ugly end in Bedrock and they’ve never returned to this. I’m wondering if there are plans down the line like a finale or something when the 21st Century museum gets involved again.

Another reason I picked it up was the artist responsible for redesigning the characters. The great and prolific Amanda Conner. I loved what she did for The Silk Spectre, Super Zero and Harley Quinn. Since the people of Bedrock live in a world still powered by people and animals (dinosaurs too), most residents are fairly ripped. Not quite like body builders but you can tell they’re pretty strong. I can’t tell anything about their height.

This is worth a peek. The title makes good, light reading like I have via The Simpsons or Futurama.


Future Quest is the title I couldn’t wait for DC to launch. It’s the ultimate team-up, crossover of Hanna-Barbera’s superhero-action characters (mostly) from the Sixties: Jonny Quest, Space Ghost, Galaxy Trio, the Herculoids, Birdman, the Impossibles, Frankenstein Jr. and Mightor. There may be more as it goes but the ones I listed are the ones who’ve appeared thus far at issue four.

So how do all these characters come together especially when one is from the distant past and several reside in outer space? A monster. A monster named Omnikron which consumes and assimilates all life it comes in contact with. Like the Borg and Starro from the Justice League. This creature is losing in some places (Amzot home of the Herculoids) thus it’s trying to teleport over to modern-day earth where it might survive. Meanwhile, Dr. Benton Quest’s rival, Dr. Zin has predicted Omnikron’s arrival and plans to capture the alien with help from FEAR. Of course, Dr. Zin doesn’t realize he’s messing with something composed of pure evil.

I grew up with most of these characters and many had a comeback in the Seventies thanks to Star Wars. Others received a comical revival on CN before [adult swim] was established (Space Ghost, Birdman and Jonny Quest). Seeing all of them in action, working together in unison rocks. Lastly, the late Darwyn Cooke redesigned these characters and he did a fantastic job modernizing the primarily Alex Toth creations for the 21st Century. Oh yeah, they filled in some gaps as to who was Jonny Quest’s mother…Dr. Ellen Quest.

I highly recommend this title and promise a money-back guarantee to my friends on Future Quest.

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Scientia est bona


Another addition to my collection of fake school shirts. I’m not nuts about Animal House.  There’s some pretty funny moments and the sitcom was surprisingly good but I’ve always found the movie to be more Boomer navel gazing over a past which didn’t happen…as in the mood, attitudes, etc.

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Ghostbusters (2016) not even worth renting


Let me get this out of the way…I never liked the original Ghostbusters neither. It was a huge letdown from the team that gave the world funnier stuff such as Stripes, Caddyshack, Meatballs, Animal House and to a lesser extent The Blues Brothers. I laughed once and I remember the lame, playground joke they used too. To me, Ghostbusters is when Ramis, Murray and Akroyd decided wind down their heavier drug usage in the wake of John Belushi’s death and thought putting out mediocre PG-13 drivel was the way to go for the next 30 years, namely if they’re the leads.

So when the all-female cast remake was announced, my initial reaction was, “Who cares? You can’t polish a turd.” Sony and Columbia pictures tried though. The special effects are better than 1984 but the ghosts are just par for the course with today’s films. They brought in cameos of all the original, living actors except Rick Moranis; ho hum. At least they didn’t play up fat jokes on Melissa McCarthy for a change. Australian and Massachusetts taxpayers should be first in line for a refund too as movies are now independently incorporated entities to protect studios from their creditors.

It’s a story on predictable rails. There are some changes like Wiig being a legitimate scientist and Jones being an expert on NYC. Kids will be amused by the physical violence, not much else.

We chose Ghostbusters (2016) as our inaugural experience at the relatively new discount theater that moved into the old Alamo Lake Creek Festival. How I’m glad I didn’t waste Alamo Drafthouse money on this turkey (they leave the door open for a sequel but I doubt there will be) and then I missed Alamo because there were rude parents who let their children yap during the movie plus an idiot who thought the characters listened to him. Saved $12 alone on admission, yet I need to remember never to see something I really want to enjoy there.

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