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Isis has a new hiding spot

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Marquette Day 2017

Last evening was National Marquette Day and this year we were TV in the evening. We also celebrated at Pinballz Lake Creek which was my idea. The venue has a TV with cable, full bar and good food. I took … Continue reading

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The Dark Crystal in 70mm

Another interesting choice for Alamo’s 70mm series. I haven’t seen The Dark Crystal in years. I want to say I may have via Somara’s DVD collection but I keep thinking back to my senior year of high school when it was … Continue reading

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Peter Pan Minigolf

Somara and I have been trying to find new things to do besides going to the movies on our joint day off together. Hard to believe we’ve put off Austin’s famous mini-golf course for like a decade or more. Hell, … Continue reading

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Trainspotting: 20 or so years later

With the upcoming sequel due in a few weeks, Alamo had a screening recently that I wanted to revisit as preparation plus I hadn’t remember watching Trainspotting in years. I did read the book after seeing it at the old Village Four … Continue reading

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Rest in Peace: Loren Wiseman

Loren was a co-worker during my brief time at GDW and before I joined the game publisher, I only had a passing recollection of his name via the numerous products I had purchased (Traveller and 2300 AD). After I moved back to … Continue reading

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Miguel the Cat update 3

Miguel got a booster shot this week to help with his health and immune system. He’s also been showing up more on the porch. I’m not sure if it’s hunger or the cold weather yet. Still trying to get him … Continue reading

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Lego Batman: Must See

The breakout character from the hit Lego Movie stars in what will have to be the sequel until there is a second Lego Movie. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s completely the opposite, totally awesome. We get to see the Will Arnett … Continue reading

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A belated tribute to Abraham Lincoln’s birthday

Given the recent rise in the American Nazi Party (there is no “alt-right”) and their allies, the Klan. I felt it was only appropriate to honor the man who helped hold the country together by showing how I really feel … Continue reading

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RIP: Al Jarreau

We heard the sad news as we pulled into our driveway yesterday. It made me regret never getting around to seeing Al perform too. He was quite a fixture of Milwaukee pride around Summerfest and the city’s somewhat conservative Jazz cliques. … Continue reading

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