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RIP Chuck Barris

According to his obituaries I read today, Chuck was quite a Renaissance Man; songwriting, producing TV shows, running daytime programming for ABC and obviously performing. His most famous creation, The Gong Show, was often something my brother and I would watch … Continue reading

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Texas Senate Republicans pushing yet another dumb idea

They have a bill to lower the tiny dick fee since the proponents think $140 is just too much money. It probably should be higher and the bulk of it goes toward the victims of the Dirty Harry wannabes. Back … Continue reading

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RIP Bernie Wrightson

My comic-book artist friend Steve (aka Stvee) reported the sad news about another famous  (predominantly) comic-book artist passed away. I had no idea he was residing in Austin all this time. His wife Liz left a heartfelt message and career … Continue reading

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Fist Fight: Disappointment

The other half of our recent double feature was my choice after John Wick 2 and I didn’t fare any better in this rather by-the-numbers comedy playing up Charlie Day’s spastic character from Philly and the often grouchy Ice Cube. The difference? … Continue reading

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John Wick 2: Stop Bothering!

People didn’t listen the first time. Now they went and made a sequel thanks to the original making an actual profit. Now I was dragged to this because Somara loves these Hong Kong knockoffs. I figured the character had killed off … Continue reading

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Went to check out some of SXSW today

I have an annual tradition of going downtown via the train (which is awesome, screw you car fanatics and naysayers since we need more rail). Then I walk the distance from Fourth and Trinity to Waterloo Records at Sixth and … Continue reading

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Lady Bunny shirt!

Last week, I did some research on Lady Bunny because she does the vocals on the latest album from Ursula 1000 (“Blast Off”). I had a feeling she is a drag queen due to her voice having a similar range … Continue reading

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Green Arrow Chucks!

It’s not quite the look or version of Green Arrow I like, aka the Neal Adams style, but I highly down the Robin Hood of Seattle/Starling City will get his likeness on shoes again for I scored these on clearance. … Continue reading

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“I’m back baby!” – Bender Rodriguez

Took a big stretch of time off from writing on the site. I wanted to contemplate a couple losses, namely Loren, and I had been on a winning streak with other things. Balance, life often needs it. Then you  an … Continue reading

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RIP Bill Paxton

What a fricking pisser to wake up to and see on the news within the first five minutes of my morning. I thought last year took away too many beloved people and now ’17 is trying to outdo ’16 by … Continue reading

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